Thomas Lebbie SLAB President (back to camera) briefing Bombali District Makari Gbanti Chiefdom members on payment of dues.

a) One vocational training centre for blind and visually impaired and other community members established in Freetown with the support of Government;

b) 150 unemployed blind people including 45 women trained in soap production, tailoring, gara tie and dye and baking;

c) 342 blind and visually impaired persons have accessed micro credit services and are engaged in small scale business enterprises.

d) One SLAB member appointed to represent persons with disabilities on the ICTS National Advisory Council chaired by the Head of State;

e) Blindness / disability mainstreamed into the ten-year National Education Sector Plan.

f) The Persons With Disability Bill enacted in 2011 and a National Commission for Persons With disability established with Frederick Kamara, the first SLAB Secretary General, appointed Chairman.

g) SLAB community branches visited for updates on developments within the organisation and at national level.

h) 40 Perkins Braillers and 100 writing frames distributed to eight SLAB branches and four schools for the Blind as part of the Sightsavers’ EC Project on Strengthening National Health Systems and Increase Access to Health Services for PWDs in three Regions.

i) 34 SLAB members introduced to computing with the use of the electronic Braillekey at the SLAB training centre as part of a Sightsavers-DFID Innovation Fund Project on Computing for Blind Civil Society Leaders and Professionals, in partnership with Vision for the Blind and Powerful Information in the UK.

j) SLAB provides counselling services for blind or visually impaired persons referred by Eye Care services as the first step towards empowerment. A mother of one daughter, Wuya Turner, was abandoned by her fiancé when blindness struck. In utter despair, she became home-bound except for visits to churches in search of healing. Through counselling and mentoring by SLAB members, Wuya regained her self-esteem and learned Braille and typing in preparation for College and her fiancé has returned!


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