Sierra Leone Association of the Blind

The authentic voice of the blind and visually impaired in Sierra Leone


Three girls who are partially blind. There are many such cases in Sierra Leone, and especially in the north of the country. SLAB helps identify, educate and train such individuals so that they can live more fulfilling and more independent lives. (photo: Powerful Information)

The Sierra Leone Association of the Blind (SLAB) is a non-profit-making, non-party political organisation of blind and visually impaired persons (BVIP) established in 1976. Its formation was pioneered mainly by blind students who were ex-pupils of the Milton Margai School for the Blind and was largely influenced by growing discontent in the school and the emerging global Social Model of Disability which propelled advocacy on self-representation.

The organisation’s headquarters are in the capital, Freetown, however, SLAB also has branches in eight of the country’s fourteen districts — Western Area; Bombali & Port Loko (in the North); Bo, Moyamba & Pujehun (in the South), and Kenema & Kailahun (in the East).

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